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Longitudinal Study: HILDA
Title: Pretty in Prozac: The role of social connectedness in explaining the declining life satisfaction of Australian females
Authors: Ambrey, C. L. 
Fleming, C 
Ambrey, C 
Ulichny, J
Ulichny, Jennifer 
Fleming, C. M. 
Issue Date: 28-Jul-2014
Keywords: Gender
Economic modelling
Abstract: This paper investigates if social connectedness presents a possible explanation for declining in female life satisfaction in Australia. In doing so, the results indicate that female and male life satisfaction are declining in much the same way; that males and females collectively and separately report higher levels of life satisfaction for greater levels of almost all measures of social connectedness; that the percentage of individuals undertaking a hobby or engaging in frequent social interactions has declined for both sexes, while sense of belonging and tangible support have both increased on average for both sexes and; that social connectedness may mitigate declining life satisfaction of both males and females to a very similar end. Fostering social connectedness would appeal to be one channel through which social welfare might be promoted.
metadata.dc.description.conferencename: ESAM/ACE 2014
metadata.dc.description.conferencelocation: Hobart
Keywords: Families -- Socio-economic status; Satisfaction -- Life; Gender -- Female
Research collection: Conference Papers
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