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dc.contributor.authorWatson, Nen
dc.contributor.authorSummerfield, Men
dc.description.abstractEach year, respondents to the HILDA Survey are asked to describe the occupation and industry of their current job and / or their previous job. These verbatim responses are then coded to standard occupation and industry codeframes. In 2006, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) updated the standard occupation and industry codeframes (the old and new codeframes are listed in Table 1). With input from the HILDA External Reference Group, the HILDA Survey team decided to have the wave 1 to 6 responses recoded to these new codeframes (this is in addition to the original coding to the old codeframes undertaken each wave). It was also decided that from wave 7 onwards, only the new codeframes would be used. Analysis of the recoding work has lead to an investigation of the quality of the coding work undertaken. This paper describes the coding process, provides several indicators of the quality of the coding and offers recommendations for future work.en
dc.subjectSurveys and Survey Methodology -- Dataset cleaning and developmenten
dc.subjectEmployment -- Occupations and careersen
dc.subject.classificationSurveys and Survey Methodologyen
dc.titleQuality of the Occupation and Industry Coding in the HILDA Surveyen
dc.typeReports and technical papersen
dc.typeTechnical working papers and reportsen
dc.description.institutionMelbourne Institute of Applied Economics and Social Researchen
dc.title.reportHILDA PROJECT DISCUSSION PAPER SERIES No. 3/09, March 2009en
dc.description.keywordsVerification of codeen
dc.description.keywordsWave 1-8en
dc.description.keywordsCoding & recodingen
dc.subject.dssLabour marketen
dc.subject.dssSurveys and survey methodologyen
dc.subject.dssmaincategorySurveys and Survey Methodologyen
dc.subject.dsssubcategoryOccupations and careersen
dc.subject.dsssubcategoryDataset cleaning and developmenten
dc.subject.flosseSurveys and Survey Methodologyen
dc.subject.flosseEmployment and unemploymenten
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