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Longitudinal Study: HILDA
Title: The Evaluation of Brighter Futures, NSW Community Services’ Early Intervention
Authors: Chan, S 
Katz, I 
van Gool, K 
Newton, B.J
Hilferty, F 
Griffiths, M 
Haas, M 
Eastman, C 
Mullan, K 
Heese, K 
Reeve, R 
Institution: Social Policy Research Centre
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Pages: 307
Keywords: Needs
Brighter Futures
Participation outcomes
Familly functioning
Abstract: The main research question guiding the evaluation of Brighter Futures was whether the program was meeting the needs and improving the outcomes for children and families who participated. The program appeared to be meeting the needs and improving outcomes for the majority of participant families. The overall picture was one of modestly improving family functioning – parents feeling better about themselves, connecting to community resources and supports, employing more positive parenting behaviours, and consequently of children with improved behavioural outcomes. However, there was a substantial proportion of families who did not benefit from the program.
ISBN: ISSN: 1446-4179 & ISBN: 978-0-7334-3029-9
Keywords: Families -- Parents and Parenting; Child Development
Research collection: Technical working papers and reports
Reports and technical papers
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