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Longitudinal Study: HILDA
Title: Are older Australians being short changed? An analysis of household living costs.
Authors: Kelly, S 
Institution: National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Pages: 32
Abstract: In this report, the authors examine how well the consumer price index (CPI) measures inflation for the overall Australian community and how living cost pressures are being distributed throughout the population. They focus mainly on older Australian households (those with the head aged 50 years and over) as many of these households are on low incomes, and spend a large proportion of their budget on essential living cost (“non-discretionary”) items.
ISBN: ABN 81 101 126 587 ISBN 978-0-9871249-4-4
Keywords: Ageing; Income & Finance
Research collection: Technical working papers and reports
Reports and technical papers
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