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Longitudinal Study: LSAC
Title: Overweight, Obesity and girth of Australian preSchoolers: Prevalence and socioeconomic correlates.
Authors: Sawyer, M 
Carlin, J 
Hardy, P 
Canterford, L 
Wake, M 
Issue Date: Dec-2007
Pages: 1044-1051
Abstract: Drawing on data from Wave 1 of the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children, this study examined the prevalence of overweight and obesity in Australian four to five year old children, and investigated associations between socio-economic characteristics and overweight/obesity, and socio-economic characteristics and waist circumference. The findings confirm a high prevalence of overweight and obesity in Australian preschoolers, and suggest that the clearest indicators of a high body mass index status in these children are: speaking a language other than English, particularly for boys; Indigenous status; and being the lower social disadvantage quintile. Waist circumference was not related to any socio-economic variable.
Keywords: Health; Child Development -- Sleep; Health -- Obesity; Child Development
Research collection: Journal Articles
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